As a closing celebration, eight artists use durational performance, film and writing to weave themselves into the exhibition  Apichatpong Weerasethakul: The Serenity of Madness . Join us for an evening of ephemeral encounters, interruptions, and reconfigurations which activate Weerasethakul’s explorations of the materiality of melancholy, the intimacy of the mundane, and the ways bodies remember.     Featuring: Aram Atamian, reid drake and Jazzy Smith, GREYMAR (Igraine Grey + Jonatan Martinez), Devyn Lorelei Mañibo, Naoki Nakatani, Julia Sharpe, and the Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection     Curated by Katie Cato, Désirée Coral, and Luna Goldberg (Graduate Curatorial Assistants,  Department of Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies)
 "Today, I exist" is an interactive durational performance. Participants are invited to blow out rice from plates. The plates were placed in a line as I continued to fill the plates with handful of rice. The original was performed on Nov 10th 2016 at Mana Contemporary Chicago. "Today, I exist" was selected as one of emerging artists program at Mana Contemporary, performed in March 2017 for the second time.    Photo taken by   Nanna Rosenfeldt-Olsen
 “There, rice grow” is a community based project. This project was intended to provide a platform for Japanese community in Chicago. Through industrial, cultural and historical relationship between Japan and the United States of America, participants and I planted rice, and shared our experiences. On a snow day, December 7th, participants and I carried the rice grass around the sculpture “ Nuclear Energy” by Henry Moore. ( used be a nuclear development site during the war time.) All of the documentations were turned into a book and sent to Nagasaki and Hiroshima mayors.    Screenshots of a video documentation.
 Performance installation included; Bed Mattress, Bed Frame, 9 bedsheets, a lamp and a body. Performance continued for 3 hours, in which the performer's body was completely covered with strips of sheets. This Performance was a part of Industry of the ordinary's summer residency at Mana Contemporary Chicago.      Photos taken by    Mat Wilson
 What does it mean to hide? What does it mean to hide to protect ? Life Image (2016) happened in a solo exhibition “ Something to wear, something to protect.” at Kosui Hall Gallery, Japan.  Two mirrors, Two clocks ( Japan time and Florida time ), an apron, a lipstick, and a body.     All of my acknowledgement goes to innocent humans who were shot in Florida 2016.